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Photography has long been a passion and with relocation to the Napa Valley following retirement, it has now become my primary pursuit. Since arriving, we have had the good fortune to partner with several local businesses and wineries in the production and display of our art.  The images shown on this website represent our effort to bring the essence of this beautiful valley to your home or office, wherever you may be. Our images portray Napa Valley's spring mustard bloom, verdant vineyards, fall color, the foggy mornings, sunny days, the life cycle of the grapes, and, last but not least, our people and lifestyle. In summary, we like to think of the work as a celebration of the Napa Valley.  

A number of my images are on display and for sale in the Art Gallery Napa Valley located at 1307 First Street in downtown Napa, California. Our images can also be seen at other venues and art events throughout the year.


The images on this website are available on metal, canvas or archival photography paper in a variety of sizes. Metal and canvas prints are offered finished and ready to hang.  Prints on paper will be delivered unframed and ready for you to have finished through your preferred framer. Further information regarding ordering appears on the "Acquire" page.  Unless shown on the Shop page, harvest images are NOT FOR SALE and are included to give the visitor a better taste of the harvest experience.

Most of our images are captured with a 46 mp Nikon mirrorless camera or a 100 mp FujiFilm medium format digital camera. This combination results in images with exceptional clarity and detail and has allowed us to repeatedly deliver enlargements up to 4' by 6'. Accordingly, please do not hesitate to reach out if you wish to have a large print for that special place in your home or business.


Lastly, if you find interest in a particular image, but have something slightly different in mind, please do contact us. There are too many images to put up on this website and, in some situations, we may be able to either find exactly what you are looking for or create a particular image on a commission basis.

Please also be sure to visit our Instagram page by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.


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